Jennifer Gillis

Jennifer Gillis

In 2003, I moved from Plaquemine, Louisiana to Nova Scotia, after marrying my Canadian husband. I attended Louisiana State University, The University of Spain in Salamanca, Spain, and The University of Southeastern Louisiana. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish as well as a Teaching Degree in Elementary and High School Spanish. Before moving to Nova Scotia, I taught Spanish and English as a Second Language at the Elementary level.

When I moved to Halifax, I quickly discovered that teaching Spanish in the Elementary School is not commonplace and that I would need to either shift my focus in the world of education, or switch careers. I have always been interested in Real Estate, as my father worked for many years as a Builder, Real Estate Broker and investor. I managed some of these investment properties for him. This interest is what brought me to me current career.

I have been working as a real estate Salesperson for the last 14 years. When I started out, I noticed that people consistently asked about which area I specialize. I thought I had to choose a specific area of HRM on which to focus. After a few years, I decided that an area was not my client, PEOPLE are my clients. I pride myself on professionalism and knowledge of the market, and I truly care about my clients.

I’m now mother of Mary Clare (11) and Anna (9) and when I’m not selling homes for my clients, I run a vacation rental business with my husband. We enjoy showing the children the world through travel, and we spend time with our Louisiana family as much as we can. Southern roots are strong in our family.

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