A Home For Everyone

NOTE: We are currently accepting applications for 2017. The deadline for submmissions will be June 15, 2017.

We applaud and recognize the immense dedication of those organizations and programs currently working to reduce the impact of homelessness in our community. The Domus Fund was created in 2011 to support those organizations and programs, or upstart charities with similar goals – in particular, those with fresh ideas and/or innovative approaches.

The fund is made up entirely of donations from our agents, who contribute a set amount from each of their commissions. Since its inception we have awarded $140,000. If your organization might be eligible, please send us an application.

The "A Home for Everyone" initiative was developed to give home, security and safety to those in the Halifax area who are missing it the most. The slection critieria for "A Home for Everyone" includes the following:

  • Projects alleviating homelessness through the provision of safety and shelter;
  • Projects that have a tangible result;
  • Capital versus operational funding is preferred;
  • Providing a lasting, sustainable result rather than a temporary benefit;
  • Maximizing benefit to the "client";
  • No disadvantage to organizations who have received prior funding;
  • Collaborative projects with other agencies are given preference

About your Organization and your Project

Provide the organization’s name, registered charity number, address, contact person, phone number, and email address, together with the title of the project for which you are requesting funds. Please include a project budgest with your application. Applications will be held in the strictest confidence.

Application Form