Charitable Fund

At Domus Realty we have always had a strong commitment to improving the communities we live and work in. Our agents have served on the Boards and committees of various local charities and organizations and we encourage community involvement.

Since 2011, our agents have been donating a fixed amount from their commissions to a charitable fund. From this fund we have given over $200,000, mostly under our previous banner of A Home for Everyone, to local groups combatting homelessness.

As of 2020, we have shifted our focus just slightly. Under our newly-branded Bright Futures Fund, we will be making grants to charitable organizations that promote the health and well-being of local youth. Every young person deserves to have the tools and assistance needed to overcome any challenges they face.  We want to empower them by providing access to support, shelter and opportunities early in life, allowing them to thrive and reach their potential. We would like to help set youth up for success.

For our 2020 donation we have partnered with Ronald MacDonald House Atlantic. Please check back for more details on this donation, coming soon!

Let’s ensure that every child has a chance at a Bright Future.